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Alexis C

DETAILED, FRIENDLY, AND THE MOST AMAZING SERVICE! I feel 100% confident that I now every single detail of the home I'm buying GOOD and BAD. I know exactly what I need to work on and nothing was left out. These guys were going above and beyond to make sure that I had every detail. HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ANYONE LOOKING TO BUY A HOUSE!! You can't go wrong here.

Jason W

The company ‘New Home Inspections’ provided excellent service to me during my home buying process. I always do my homework and looked around at different inspection companies. Without a doubt I found that the services ‘New Home Inspection’ provided were the best value for my money. They saved me a couple hundred dollars over other competitors. The type of house I was buying needed a basic home inspection and supplemental special inspections for WDO, Wind Mitigation and a pool inspection. I was able to order these supplemental inspections individually for a very low cost and the total of all inspections was still less than the basic home inspection of other companies! The inspector, Jordan, was extremely knowledgeable about all areas of home inspections. Being a new home buyer, I was apprehensive about what I might find during the inspection. Jordan took the time to clearly explain all findings on the inspection report and that helped me understand exactly what the issues were. I received an extremely detailed report complete with pictures of issues and recommended fixes for each. That was very helpful for estimating what the cost of repairs would be or if the issue needed to be repaired at all. There is no way you will find a better deal or better service than Jordan and New Home Inspections. I will be using them on my future purchases and will take advantage of the low cost annual checkup re-inspection to detect future problems before they escalate into a more costly repair. Thanks so much Jordan! v/r Jason W.

Joshua T

NEW Home Inspections is the best hands down. Jordan rocked it, went the extra mile! Thorough is understatement and price is so inexpensive for the value on it. Feel so much better about our purchase now.

Layce H

I called around to 6 different home inspectors and Jordan had a fair price, and great customer service so I hired him. After he was done we were very impressed with the service he got. I told my realtor that she need to put him on her list of people to recommend to her clients.

Adam H

I have never had such a thorough and extremely detailed home inspection. I will definitely be recommending!

Marsha P

New Home Inspections came highly recommended and Jordan exceeded all my expectations.  I have many years of home buying experience and have liked many home inspectors.  However, Jordan and his company get my process of flipping homes and work hard to accommodate my needs since I do not live in the state. As an investor, it becomes a challenge to find good and honest help. New Home Inspections is reliable, honest and up-front, willing to work with your budget and schedule, and is always on time.  Jordan always makes the comfort level of our conversations feel like I’m talking to an old friend.

John T

Great thorough inspection from a fellow US Navy veteran. Not only will I recommend Jordans services. I feel I've made a friend out of the deal.

Mark K

NEW Home Inspection gave me peace of mind from the first point of contact. True professionalism from beginning to end which was a definite plus for us being first time home buyers. The owner, Jordan, came early and answered all our questions without hesitation or lack of knowledge. It was a great experience compared to other stories we have heard from co-workers, family and friends. It was our luck to have Jordan inspect our potential home and find discrepancies that led to our decision not to buy. We did use Jordan again for our next inspection. Again, he was right on time and always available for questions. He even gave us a quote for some minor repairs and suggestions of contractors. This transition was so easy and it was such a pleasure to work with a company who really cares about their clients. We would recommend NEW Home Inspections to anyone looking for the integrity necessary in buying a home.

Stephen J

Jordan is fantastic at his job. His reports are easy to read and very thorough. There is no one else I'd recommend higher.

Alaina R

Working with New Home Inspections was fantastic! Jordan did a great job and made this step painless. I will definitely refer him and NHI to everyone that I know going through the home buying process.

Alex C

Amazing detail and care put into the work of inspecting my soon to be home. I now know exactly hat to expect with no surprises and I have a running head start at repairing all the little things I need. I'm now 100% confident moving forward knowing that New Home Inspections completed this service for me. The experience working with these professionals was AMAZING! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Sean M

My wife and I used Jordan at New Home Inspections to purchase our first home. We bought a new development home that is 2300 sqft. I had no idea of how long it would take to do an inspection but I figured not long since it was new. He shouldn't find anything. I realized the necessity of a home inspection and how valuable it is to purchasing a home. Jordan found several minor fixer-uppers that the builder had no problem repairing. Jordan opened my eyes to the unknown and thank goodness he did. Years later this could have led to serious home repair headaches. New Home Inspections will be my go-to from now on. We look forward to our next home purchase and we look forward to working with Jordan's company again.

Tanya S

A week ago, Jordan from NEW Home Inspections performed an inspection on the condo we are in the process of purchasing. He did an amazing job to say the least. Not only was he easy to reach by phone, but he was prompt, detailed, and accommodating during the entire process. I am a first time homebuyer and I'm from out of town. With that alone being a struggle in the process, it was difficult to find someone who seemed professional, affordable, and would come out on a Saturday to perform the inspection. Jordan was timely and thorough and explained everything he was doing during the inspection and why. He took a bunch of photos, summarized his findings, and delivered a comprehensive report that same day. My realtor said even she was impressed after working with many different home inspectors over the years. Jordan kept his promises and showed that he's professional, reliable, and thorough. I may not have past experiences with home inspection, but I had a fantastic first experience with NEW Home Inspections and would recommend them to anyone in need of a company that will look out for you during one of the most stressful processes of homebuying.

Athena C

Great service and very thorough. Their online interface was easy to navigate and includes a detailed description of everything in the report. (Including pictures) They even gave me a leveling tool and a measuring tape as a gift. Great experience, highly recommend.

Deseret D

Exceeded all expectations and then some. On time! Thorough! Professional Veteran! Gave a detailed report with pictures and recommended fixes. Do not hesitate, Hire NEW Home Inspections now!!!

John T

Always on time and on budget. They are the only inspector we use and we buy a lot of houses. Reports are concise and to the point.

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