What You Can Expect

Thorough, unbiased, accurate inspections. We use thermal imaging (infrared) cameras on every Home Inspection performed. We provide these thermal imaging scans free of charge with every General Home Inspection (we don’t charge extra for this important part of our routine). We spend more time in the tight attics and crawlspaces. Scan the signs of water intrusion with moisture meters, the gas lines with gas leak detectors, exposed wiring and outlets with electrical testers, etc. We don’t believe in upgradable home inspections. Our thoroughness is standard, every single time. Owner Jordan Berman is a Navy Veteran that was known to be thorough when inspecting naval aircraft. Now he has set those same standards on every home inspected.

Wood Decay
Stucco Concerns
Wind Mitigation
Water Heater Leak
Unsafe Breaker Panel
No ground at water heater
Torn Shingles on Roof
Thermal Imaging
Roof Covering Needs Replacement
Settlement Concern
Settlement Concern
Settlement Concern
Settlement Crack on Load Bearing Wall
Termite Damage on Baseboard
Termite Damage on Baseboard
Termite Mud Tube
Termite Mud Tubes
Rigged AC Disconnect
Air handlers condensation concerns
Plumbing Vent Pipe Terminating in Attic
Plumbing S-Trap
Older Pool Drain Cover That is Not Anti-Entrapment
Old Fuse Panel
Missing Kickout Flashing
Loose Toilet
Leaking Drain Pipe In Crawlspace
Leaky Drain Pipe
Leaky Garbage Disposal
Leaky Pool Pump
Leaky Roof
Leaky Roof
Leaky Shower
Leaky Skylight
Leaky Water Heater Cold Water Line
Leak Noted on Other Side of Shower Wall
Knob and Tube Wiring
Leak From Upstairs Bath
Insulation in Crawlspace
Improper Flashing
Inoperable Electrical Outlet
Improperly Flashed Vent
Galvanized Plumbing
Fungi Grown on Window
Fungi Grown on Interior Wall
Fungi Growth on Interior Wall
Fogged Window
Federal Pacific Panel
Federal Pacific Breaker Panel
Excessive Air Leakage From Air Handler Unit
Dryer Vent and Screen
Drain Pipe Terminating to Exterior
DIY Roof Structure
Damaged Floor Structure
Damaged Floor Structure
Damaged Plumbing Vent Pipe Flashing
Damaged Plumbing Vent Pipe Seal
Damaged Sprinkler Head
Decayed Sheathing Under Siding
Disconnected Dryer Vent in Attic
DIY Air Duct Insulation
DIY Roof Structure
Damaged Drain Pipe In Crawlspace
Conditioned Air Leakage
Cloth Wiring
Clogged Dryer Vent
Aluminum Wiring
Addition Built On Driveway

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